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v9.41 (MOD)
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v9.41 (MOD)
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Changes version 9.41

    • 🏷 Base:
    • 🔸Added Option to Group Admin indicator turn on/off (Mods > Conversation Screen)
    • 🔸Added Ability to share multiple images/videos/files at same time from chat to outside apps!
    • 🔸Added Package name to expiry page to help users know.
    • 🔸Enabled Filter unread messages using search
    • 🔸Enabled New drawing pen
    • 🔸Enabled Online privacy! You can choose who can see when you’re online. (Settings > Account > Privacy)
    • 🔸Enabled Leave groups secretly without all people knowing (only admins can see you left)
    • 🔸Enabled Admin can remove other people messages in group chats (only works when users on new base)
    • 🔸Enabled Ability to see past participants of groups (who left and when!)
    • 🔸Enabled Quick reactions to Status
    • 🔸Enabled New Text Status UI
    • 🔸Enabled New status privacy design UI
    • 🛠️Fixed Go to first message
    • 🛠️Fixed View all person’s messages in group chat
    • 🛠️Fixed Group Message counter in group info page
    • 🛠️Fixed Other small bugs
    • 🛠️Improved Translations
    • 🛠️Misc Improved Anti-ban
    • 🛠️Misc Many other fixes and 🛠️improvements that we forgot :p


Download YoWhatsApp WhatsApp Update

YoWhatsApp – Yo WhatsApp is a WhatsApp Mode app with great features and the best Android whatsApp mode built on the original and official WhatsApp and by installing it on your tablet or Android phone, you can experience a trim WhatsApp with a series of wonderful features such as downloading people’s status, hiding the last seen, having a night mode, etc. No doubt you all know the famous WhatsApp Messenger, a global messenger with millions of users from all over the world that makes voice and text calls in a really lovely and simple environment! Those of you who use WhatsApp Messenger have undoubtedly come to you to like your last game, your onlineness, the ticking of text reading, etc. Don’t show up for your friends and acquaintances, now we introduce YoWhatsApp to you, which will undoubtedly be stunned by its possibilities and with which you can hide the mentioned items! This version of WhatsApp is secure and we recommend it to all Iranian Android users and with it you can experience a WhatsApp with support for Persian language.

There are some additional features that are available on You WhatsApp – YoWhatsApp and are not available in the original version:

  • Original and official base with update of the latest version of WhatsApp
  • No ads and hundreds of new emoji
  • Possibility to delete date and time when copying +2 messages from chats
  • The possibility of freezing your last visit and displaying freeze time forever!
  • Remove options one tick, 2 ticks, read and . .. For the other side!
  • Delete the option to display Typing… When you write
  • Super Text Selectable function for copying my Statos and …
  • Possibility of hiding the contact tab from the WhatsApp page by you
  • Disable image sending limit from 10 to infinity!
  • Disable video sending restrictions from 30 MB to Infinity!
  • Send images with full resolution (full) unlike the original version!
  • Backing up and restoring data (similar to Titanium Backup)
  • Hiding audio recording for not having it on the screen
  • Possibility of determining the pattern or password to sign in to the program
  • Having night mode (Night Mode) with the possibility of choosing by you
  • Having dozens of specific themes to choose from
  • Support for Sweet Persian Language

YoWhatsApp app we are today in Apkloda for the first time in Iran we introduce the presence of iranian Android users that you can get it for free and with one click, this version is tested by my servant and it can be named the best and most complete and safest version of The Mode Of WhatsApp! Join us … You can always download the latest version of this program for free with one click from the site’s high-speed servers.

Note: The version of WhatsApp is installed next to the original version of WhatsApp, but you need to delete the original version of WhatsApp to install the version of WhatsApp Plus [it is possible to install both whatsapp plus and whatsapp yo versions side by side].

Download YoWhatsApp 9.41 – WhatsApp Update

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